“When you are looking for HR expertise in North- America that goes beyond standard payroll processing”

Welcome to our International HR outsourcing website, a valuable source designed for growing European SME’s looking for solutions on how to manage HR activities in North America from recruitment to payroll and HR Management.

There are many common hiring pitfalls when bringing on international employees. In Europe every country has its own labor legislation and tax structures which makes HR complex on a country by country base. In North America this is no different. The US is the only nation worldwide that subscribes to the idea of “at-will” employment. It is less regulated on the contract side but heavily regulated on the administrative side of the employment. Not to even mention how to arrange for pension plans, health insurance, lease car arrangement in any foreign country.

You as a business owner do not want to be burdened with the complexities of hiring staff overseas. Working with a dedicated local partner in North America that you can trust handling your HR activities locally will facilitate the process and will save you time, money and hassle.